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Canada InvestorVisa Canada has become the world’s first destination for United kingdom :  English ,  Scotish and all residents or citizens as business owners , employed  High Net Worth Managers and family immigration due to the Best Business Immigration Visa called the  Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa . Benefits of Canadian Permanent Residency as Investors are increased  personnel and financial security , low corporate business taxes, No Age limit , over 50 are admissible,  and Canada does not have any form of estate , Wealth or inheritance tax which is perfect for Brits wanting to plan a better life post Brexit and move to the most open minded and TOP country there is : Canada      Visit VIP Business Immigration Canada Website

Read more about the Immigrant Investor Program for more information If you are an experienced Manager or a business person wanting to immigrate to Canada  and you have a Minimal Net Worth of 1,200,000  GBP

The Quebec Investor Visa is the only Investor Immigration program for Canada available in 2018 - 2019 so before Brexit . VIP Business Immigration represents the majority of British Citizens moving to Canada as Investors since 2006

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January  2018  –  URGENT MATTER    – Only 570 Quotas are allowed for application - Contact us today  ASAP  for June 2018 application window at the Quebec Investor Visa  Office

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    VIP is a Business Immigration Office exclusively specializing in Canadian Investor immigration services offered to business people, Directors and Managers with a High Net Worth.
Canada Investor Visa London 2018 , England UK office Vip Business Immigration is the best Canadian Immigration Office for London residents and all UK and post UK residents and citizens searching for how to move to Canada under an investment scheme - The 2018 Quebec Investor Visa program requires no diplomas and has no age limit. Apply for a Canada Investor Immigration Visa through VIP Business Immigration , the best Immigrant Investor Firm in Quebec providing the Canadian Investment Residency Visa for the majority of British Applicants to the Quebec Investor Program .