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Canadian Immigration Consultant & Lawyer in London, VIP Business Immigration UK is the Dedicated Canadian Citizenship by Investment Office for British Citizens and Europeans wanting to Immigrate to Canada by Investing in a passive Immigration Scheme that offers Permanent residency and Citizenship to high Net Worth Business Owners and Managers. Contact number for the Canadian Immigration Lawyer for Investors and Immigration Consultant in London  is +20-3239-1502

We takes great care of our clients and have no interest in accepting non-meritorious applications as the reputation of Max Donzella, Director  is based on his perfect score in obtaining the  Quebec Selection Certificate for the clients he represents personally .

Quebec Investor Program Requirements

Canadian Citizenship for Investors

Canadian Citizenship by Investment

Canadian Permanent Residency for Investors

Immigrazione in Canada per investitori

 VIP Business Immigration has been representing Investors from the UK since 2006 very successfully and all of them received the Canadian Residency as Expected, yes 100%. The Director Max Donzella, and Expert Accountant and an Expert Canadian Immigration Consultant Is the First Recognized Specialist of the Quebec Investor Program by the Quebec Capital and acted as an Ad Hoc Business Adviser to the Canadian Minister of Immigration until 2015 while running the Investor Office very successfully. We represent Clients from over 40 countries and with a perfect score …Contact Max Donzella at your London office number for Canada Investor Visa  

 Canada Investor Immigration

Canada Investor Immigration Visa program for Wealthy Business Owners from the UK 

Business Immigration to Canada is the best option available for British Business Owners and Employed Director of companies that are considered Self Sufficient Financially.  Canada through the Quebec Investor Program is the world’s first destination  for Wealthy Family Immigration under the Canada Investor Visa passive program . Benefits of receiving the Canadian Permanent residency as an Investor  include highest financial security and stability of all Commonwealth English Speaking countries , highest physical security , low corporate business taxes and access to the most countries under Free trade Agreements .

The Canada Investor Immigration Visa obtained through the Quebec Investor Program , also called QIIP, is the only Business Immigration to Canada visa that accepts applicants over the age of 46 as it has no age limit.  Canada does not have any form of estate , Wealth or inheritance tax which is perfect for Brits wanting to plan a better life post Brexit and move to the Most open minded and Inclusive country in the World for the Best Quality of Life recognized by all.

Basic requirements for the Quebec Investor Program are showing a Personal Net Worth of Minimum £1.200,000 and Business Ownership or Management Experience as an Employee of Minimum 2 years during the last 5 years period. Contact our Quebec Investor Office in London or Montreal today to start the conversion towards a New life for your family

Canadian Business Immigration Permanent Visa is an option for moving to Canada at any age from the UK under the Quebec Investor Program

The Quebec Investor Visa is the only Investor Immigration program for Canada available in 2018- 2019 so before Brexit becomes a reality. Our Canadian Immigration Consultant and Lawyer highly specialized in Canadian Business Immigration  have represented the majority of British Citizens moving to Canada as Investors since 2006.

2018-04-03 –  Update and news for Canadian Business Immigration  The New Quebec Investor Program will reopen for new applications in September 2018  The program will only accept the First 570 applications during the intake period – We have some Reserved Quotas for you , contact us today to discuss the requirements for a guaranteed quota with VIP Business Immigration

Our Canadian Immigration Investor Office number in London is also a contact point for all Europeans residents in the UK and Ireland

Requirements for Business Immigration to Canada under 2018 – 2019 Canada Investor Immigration

Requirements to submit and application as an Immigrant Investor in 2018 are the following and must all be met : The applicant must be a Business owner of a Registered company either in the form of a corporation or a partnership or be an Employed Manager for a Corporation or an Organization. He/she must have occupied a Management position for at least a period of 24 months within the 5 years proceeding the date of the Quebec Selection Certificate as Investor application submission. If qualification is made as a Shareholder of a company, we must provide evidence of also being a Director of the company. If Qualification is made as an employee , we must provide evidence or holding a supervision position.

 The second conditions is to provide evidence of having a personal Net Worth of at least 2,000,000$ Canadian or £1,200,000 or 1,400,000 Euros. Assets that can be considered are bank account balances, investment portfolio statements, Redeemable life insurance policies, fixed income investments, personally owned properties and net value of companies, there are more ..please ask

Understand the Canada Investor Visa Application process

Details on how to Move to Canada from the UK by Investing and how Canadian Citizenship by Investment  applications are prepared and followed until our client receive the final Permanent Residency Visa for Canada. The First Step is to learn about everything you have done in terms of studies, work , investments such as buying and selling properties or investing in a portfolio of shares if applicable and also Business investment such as starting, managing and selling your company . Basically once your QIIP Narrative Document is  completed, we will start asking for supporting evidence based on the latest requirements for the 3 months proceeding the Canada Investor Visa application in the form of documents as we need to show your accumulation of net worth was done legally by respecting local laws in your country such as paying taxes and declaring all transactions . As the amount of work and information required sounds overwhelming we focus on the most important transactions and provide tax returns, bank statements, Financial statements , contracts for properties ,diploma, etc … As thus  process requires financial and legal expertise and the knowledge of several tax systems , which we have … do not worry , we always succeed and are well informed of the UK tax system.

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VIP Business Immigration London number, UK is the Dedicated Investment Immigration Office contact number for British Citizens and Europeans wanting to Immigrate to Canada by Investing in a passive Immigration Scheme that offers Permanent residency and Citizenship to high Net Worth Business Owners and Managers from London, Whales, Scotland and all Ireland

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    The Director of the Canadian Investor Office is a leading Expert in representing Immigrant Investors under the QIIP and exclusively specializing in offering Canada Business visa services offered to business Owners , Directors and Managers with a High Net Worth from over 40 countries including the United Kingdom and Ireland. The First Expert was an Ad Hoc Advisor to the Canadian Minister of Immigration on Business Immigration Matters until 2015 and has a 100% perfect score in having all his represented clients approved for Investment immigration and permanent residency in Canada
Moving to as an Immigrant Investor from London , Northern Ireland, Scotland or any part of the United Kingdom is an option for many wealthy British Business Owners and Qualified Managers - Directors that are over the age of 46 and that do not wish to start or buy a company in Canada in order to receive the Canadian Permanent Residency status under the Canada Business visa route . VIP Business Immigration is the best Canadian Investment Immigration Office for London residents and all UK and post UK residents and citizens searching for how to move to Canada under an investment scheme - The Canada Business Visa requires no diplomas and has no age limit and we can help you understand how to immigrate to Canada from the UK by investing in Quebec Government bonds and Immigrate to Canada as a passive investor . Our Montreal based Sollicitor is well educated in the Uk tax and legal system and has Provided Canadian Residency to many brits under the Canada Investor Program since 2006