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VIP Business Immigration London , UK is the Dedicated Citizenship by Investment Office for British Citizens and Europeans wanting to Immigrate to Canada by Investing in a passive Immigration Scheme that offers Permanent residency and Citizenship to high Net Worth Business Owners and Managers. Contact number for the London Solicitor and Immigration Consultant is +20-3239-1502

We takes great care of our clients and have no interest in accepting non-meritorious applications as the reputation of Max Donzella, Director  is based on his perfect score in obtaining the Quebec Selection Certificate for the clients he represents personally .

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Dear  Immigrant investors from the UK , for general inquiries , please use the form below and do not forget to write your email in order to receive a response in a matter of few hours . You will receive the  information you request as long as it concerns Investment Immigration to Canada under for High Net Worth Immigrants

BREXIT MOMENTUM – Dear Europeen Residents or British  Citizens in England , Scotland, Wales, and Ireland(both) , MY FELLOW EUROPEENS FOR NOW ,  we have a special plan in order to help you protect your Net Worth as much as Possible before the Actual Real Impact of the Brexit will be felt. This of course is related to Immigrate to Canada in the next 24 months under the Quebec Investor Visa. The goal is to obtain the Canadian Permanent Residency as a base , but it will help protect some of your net worth in the future. The Quotas being limited , you should be the first in line……….

Preferred way to communicate the first time with VIP Business Immigration is by email , using the communication form below

Vip Business Immigration main office is located in Montreal , Quebec, Canada. Alternatively, you can contact VIP Business Immigration either by calling the London, UK based transfer number, or directly contact us by calling the Montreal number

Office hours for first time inquieries about the business immigration program start at 10.00 AM , Montreal time. You should call starting 4.00 pm UK Local time


This contact form is only for the use of potential Immigrant Investors that have a Net Worth of at least 1,200,000 GBP or 1,600,000 $ CAD and ONLY interested in  business immigration services for Canada

NO REPLIES WILL BE SENT FOR OTHER TYPE OF IMMIGRATION QUESTIONS . We are highly specialized in business immigration as Experts and exclusively offer our services under  Business Immigration law.


Please be precise in your queries in order to receive an answer




Massimiliano(Max) Donzella, Director of VIP Business Immigration ICCRC Consultant ID R409959 ( Federal Regulator), Certified Quebec Authorized Immigration Consultant 11061

  • Canada, Main Office in Montreal
  • UK London , transfer number from 4.00 PM UK Time
VIP Business Immigration , Expert in the Canada Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa Scheme . London UK Contact number for Immigrant Investors wanting to move away from England, Scotland , Wales , Ireland only for business immigration clients in the UK . Max Donzella is the Director and Expert of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa Scheme and a fellow European Canadian living in Montreal Quebec near the Investor Visa Immigrant Office of Quebec