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Requirements of  the Immigrant Investor Program

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Quebec Immigrant Investor program - Do I need to live in Quebec

Investor Visa Canada  2017 2018

Investor visa Canada  2017

Canada Investment Immigration visa from the UK

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa allows business people , qualified managers and their families living in the UK to immigrate to Canada under a  passive investor program called the Immigrant Investor Program . The so called “ investor” should receive the Permanent Residency in 18 to 24  months under the Immigrant Investor law category. This special immigration program allows business immigrants from the UK to obtain the Immigrant investor Visa which is a permanent residency visa , leading to the Canadian citizenship and passport after only 3 years of living in Canada

As another great advantage of the Immigrant Investor Program, there is no age limit or university diplomas required to be admissible . Other criteria are also waived for Immigrant Investors.

As a result you will receive your Canadian Permanent Residency for your direct family in about 30 months if you are living  in the UK or if you are a British citizen and your direct family will become Canadian Citizens and receive passports after 3 years of Residency in Canada. Processing times vary in time and are not guaranteed.

Canada Investor Visa requirements in 2017

To qualify you under the Quebec Investor Visa , we must demonstrate the following :

  1. The Immigrant Investor  must have accumulated a Minimum of 1,200,000 GBP of World Wide Net Worth
  2. The Immigrant  investor Must own a company since at least 2 years or have owned one for at least 2 years out of the last 5 years. If the Immigrant Investor is not a business person , he/she must have at least 2 years of management experience as an employee in a Manager of Director qualified position
  3. The Immigrant Investor must make a passive investment in governement bonds of 800 000$ Canadian (not the choice of the investor) with the Quebec Government  for a period of 5.5 years OR  pay the standard financing fees of 240,000 $ Canadian ( see details below)

Details on  the required investment ( mandatory investment in theory to obtain the visa )

Following the approval of your  Business Immigration file from the Quebec government or by the Federal , you are required  to deposit 800 000$ Canadian directly at a brokerage firm selected by the government for Investment Immigration purposes. This investment will be returned to you after 5.5 years without any interest being paid by the government. If you do not wish to liquidate your assets to make the required investment, please see the financing solution below.

What really happens - There is a  Financing solution to replace the 800 000$ required investment (95% of Immigrant investors from the UK do this) All Inclusive ONE time  payment of 240 000 $ Canadian

Almost all investors do not wish to sell assets or change their UK pounds in a short period in order to make the $800 000 CAD mandatory deposit, VIP Business Immigration will provide all information regarding the  financing through a recognized  Canadian bank - the cost of the financing is 240 000 $ Canadian , payable directly to the Investor Immigrant Canadian bank account that will be opened by the bank . The bank will than take the 240,000 Canadian as 1 time interest payment which also include many management fees .

What will the Government do with your investment (or through the financing option)

The required investment of $800 000 Canadian is invested in a term note guaranteed by the Government of Quebec. A small portion of the interest generated by the investment is used to pay the financial intermediaries such as the brokerage firms and VIP Business Immigration . The large part of the interest generated by the investment or the paid financing fees is given to local corporations in the form of grants.

As a result, The  immigrant investor contributes to the economic development of Canada and helps create jobs in Quebec and Canada. In return, Canada and Quebec will waive certain immigration criteria . In addition the regular immigration timeline and quotas will not apply to immigrant investor and his direct family.

Definition of a Qualified Manager for Investment Immigration purposes ( Investment Visa Canada & Quebec )

Manager Immigration under the Immigrant Investor Program is different for Manager Immigration under employment applications for immigration . In order to be recognized as a Qualified Manager under business immigration law, the Immigrant Investor must only show 2 years of working as a manager or Director with direct supervision of employees , operations  or  financial resources . The definition is very flexible and can only really be understood by business immigration specialists. If you qualify on the Net Worth criteria and would like an opinion on your qualification under the Investment Immigration special considerations, please complete the Canada Investor Immigration application form

Canada Investor Visa Requirements for the 2017 - 2018 Quebec Immigrant Investor Program Business People and high Net Worth Managers and Directors of companies from the United kingdom interested in the Canadian Investment Immigration Program are asking questions about how to move to Canada by investing before and after the Brexit deadlines. The Canada Investor Visa in 2017 has a limited quota of 570 applications at the Quebec Immigration office in Montreal.