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Investment Canadian Immigration Consultant number in London

Canadian Immigration Consultant & Lawyer in London, VIP Business Immigration UK is the Dedicated Canadian Citizenship by Investment Office for British Citizens and Europeans wanting to Immigrate to Canada by Investing in a passive Immigration Scheme that offers Permanent residency and Citizenship to high Net Worth Business Owners and Managers. Contact number for the Canadian Immigration Lawyer for Investors and Immigration Consultant in London  is +20-3239-1502

We takes great care of our clients and have no interest in accepting non-meritorious applications as the reputation of Max Donzella, Director  is based on his perfect score in obtaining the  Quebec Selection Certificate for the clients he represents personally .

Quebec Investor Program Requirements

Canadian Citizenship for Investors

Canadian Citizenship by Investment

Canadian Permanent Residency for Investors

Immigrazione in Canada per investitori

 VIP Business Immigration has been representing Investors from the UK since 2006 very successfully and all of them received the Canadian Residency as Expected, yes 100%. The Director Max Donzella, and Expert Accountant and an Expert Canadian Immigration Consultant Is the First Recognized Specialist of the Quebec Investor Program by the Quebec Capital and acted as an Ad Hoc Business Adviser to the Canadian Minister of Immigration until 2015 while running the Investor Office very successfully. We represent Clients from over 40 countries and with a perfect score …Contact Max Donzella at your London office number for Canada Investor Visa  

 Canada Investor Immigration

How to Move to Canada from the UK as an Investor  ? 

Well , If you qualify you can take advantage of the QIIP  Immigrant investor program of Quebec, which allows a Quebec Selected Immigrant to move to Canada as an investor with his direct family in less than 36 months. You must be Selected by VIP Business Immigration to participate in this exclusive program which has a very limited quota of 570 applicants Worldwide

Don’t wait , confirm you could qualify with Max Donzella , Director of VIP Investor Program  How Can I Move to Canada from the UK as a Quebec QIIP  Immigrant Investor

Will my family be allowed to move to Canada under my Canadian Investor Visa  ?

You direct family will be part of the same Business Immigration Application under theses conditions: your spouse or common law partner is included and you children will be included if they are under the age of 22 years old and not married

Canadian Citizenship by Investment – definition Net Worth that allows a Move to Canada as an Investor ?

Required Net Worth for Quebec Investors means all the assets that you have accumulated through your life minus all pending liabilities.  As an example, you own a property which is worth 400,000 GBP on the market, but you have a bank loan of 100,000 GBP left to pay on this property.  As a result, the net worth of this property is 300,000 GBP. In total you need about 1,200,000 GBP or 2,000,000$ Canadian of Net Worth for Canadian Citizenship by Investment starting in September 2018

Do I need to sell my properties in the UK and liquidate assets I own to bring 1,200,000 GBP to Canada?

The answer is no, you only need to prove that you own the 1,200,000 GBP of assets. You can continue running your business or maintain your employment for a period of time and do what you want with your assets. The only amount of money you need to provide to the Quebec Financial Intermediary are the financing fees of 325,000$ Canadian and 15,132$ Canadian ( government fees ) payable through the firms Intrust account for the Investor application + our professional fees.

My net Worth is only 300,000 GBP, can I borrow money from someone to meet the program requirements ?

The answer is no, or else it cannot be considered a Net Worth, as you would increase your debt, remember that the calculation for a net worth is Asset value minus all debt = Net Worth.  This said , under the Quebec Investor program donations are admissible if received at least 6 months prior to applying.  The donation can be money, stocks, a property and other assets but it must say clearly that it is a donation, not a loan. Ask us to help you with this.

Why is the Quebec Investor program a passive investment scheme – Do i need to start a business to be accepted as an Immigrant Investor in Canada and Quebec?

Under a Passive Investment Immigration Scheme , you do not need to do anything other than pay the 325,000$ Canadian of financing fees. You are not obligated to work or do any business at all and you can retire in complete peace of mind being in Canada.  This will be your right and privilege as an Unconditional Permanent Resident of Canada

A Canada Investor visa received under a Quebec Investor Selection certificate does it force me to live in Quebec or any other province?

No, you can live anywhere in Canada (protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights), but we encourage you to obtain information on the Quebec very good quality of live as the QIIP is created to promote the establishment of Business People and High Net Worth Manager that have the intention of settling in Quebec . We will provide you with all the information required once you are accepted prior to moving to Canada. The Permanent Residency Visa for Investors in Canada is provided without specific conditions as it is not attached to creating jobs, finding employment or creating a company. Freedom of choice is the keyword. You can intent to Live in Montreal Quebec , but decide to move to Toronto or Vancouver …its your choice to discover all of Canada once you have chosen Quebec to start your life in Canada