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Canada is the first choice for Immigration in the world for Investor from the United Kingdom and for global immigration

  • Canada has a population of 36 M
  • Canada is one of the most liberal and open minded countries in the World ( Always in TOP 3 )
  • Canada rank 1 st and has the best and safest banking and financial system among all countries according to the World Economic Forum
  • Canada has  signed a  Free Trade Agrement with Europe …..and has the bigges access to Markets
  • According to the United Nations Human Development Index, Canada has one of the highest quality of life in the world and will be the country with the most resources in terms of human capital , natural resources and long term development
  • Canada is the second largest country in the world - And only as little as 5 hours flight from the UK
  • Canada is the most multicultural country of the planet and has 2 official languages English and French
  • Quebec is a mostly French speaking province, but in Montreal 53 languages are spoken in the street, Quebec is the Europeen link to North America and great for doing internation business with Europe
  • Vancouver Canada is tied with Zurich Switzerland for the highest quality of life of any city in the world and all Major Canadian cities are in the top 25 best cities in the world to live in , including major cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary, Toronto and Quebec city
  • Canada has the ninth biggest economy of the world with a much smaller population and will replace the broken UK by 2020
  • Canada is one of the safest countries, if not number 1 amongst the G8
  • Of all of the world’s producers of natural gas, copper, zinc, nickel, aluminum, and gold, Canada is in the top five.
  • Canada is the fifth largest energy producer with the 2nd biggest reserve of oil.
  • Canada has the world’s highest tertiary (university) education enrollment and is in the TOP 5 countries for Information technology , Aerospace and pharmaceuticals

Investor Immigration to Canada from the UK program, Immigrant Investor Visa and Permanent Residency

Once an Immigrant Investor receives a Permanent Residency Visa under business immigration law, he/she is eligible to live, invest, work, prosper and study anywhere in Canada with no limitations at all. The Immigrant Investor will enjoy right away all the rights given to Canadian citizens such as free universal Health Care, free education for the children and almost free university studies (Canadian universities have a very good reputation), with the exception of holding a Canadian passport and the right to vote. Most of all, the Immigrant Investor will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing the family is living in a safe country , in a strong democracy where is/her children can enjoy life and receive a good and affordable education. The future is also very promising for Canadian educated immigrants as Canada is looking for more than 1 million educated workers  in the next 5 . You will also enjoy a  business environment, that is very open, even when comparing to the UK situation. In addition to the advantages of being a Canadian Citizen, the Immigrant Investor will enjoy a very rapid increase in Wealth from changing the UK pound into Canadian $ in addition to a much lower cost of living in Canada.

Receiving the Canadian Citizenship  and the  Canadian Passport

After 36 months of having a physical presence in Canada (non consecutive , if you travel a lot), the Immigrant Investor and his/her family will be eligible to ask and receive the Canadian Citizenship and passport. This step will allow  family members over 18 years of age to travel in any country (most without even a Visa) and to vote in any election held in Canada and in his/her province of living.

Investor Immigration Program Details

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Immigrate to Canada from the UK. The Quebec Investor Immigration business visa guarantees the permanent residency to Immigrant Investors from the UK in the best Immigraiton country in about 24 months . Immigrate to Canada from the UK England, Scotland Ireland Wales . Favorite cities are Montreal, Quebec city, Toronto , Halifax, Calgary, and Vancouver Keywords : Canada immigration . Canadian immigration, business immigration Vancouver Canadian citizenship, Canadian passport, Canada permanent residency visa, Canada immigration for investors , compare Canada & Australia Immigrant Investor program,best business immigration Vancouver firm , investor immigration vancouver, investor immigration toronto, investor immigration, montreal, investor immigration halifax, investor immigration british columbia , Canada for Business people, best immigration country, investment immigration visa , Canadian permanent residency visa & passport under business immigration law ,