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Requirements of  the Immigrant Investor Program

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Quebec Immigrant Investor program - Do I need to live in Quebec

Investor Visa Canada  2018

Requirements for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa for 2017- 2018

Complete the assessment form to verify if you qualify to the Canada investor program requirements and to be eligible to have your Investor immigration file prepared, deposited and followed through the entire Investor immigration process for free or Minimal Fees, please provide as much information as you can on this assessment form. You do not need to be precise in terms of you asset evaluation at this point in time, but use your best knowledge to estimate your Net Worth. See the Questions/answers page to understand the definition of Net Worth or request the brochure to see an example (you will find the request box in the right column)

You must fill the assessment form completely in order to receive an answer and identify clearly the currency-  GBP is expected

A  minimum Net worth of 1,200,000 GBP  or 1,600,000 $ Canadian is required to be admissible . Documents to certify your Net Worth will  be required further.

If you would like some explanations on how to fill the assessment form , please use the Following Canada Investor Visa Application form

In the mean time , CHEERS TO ALL and keep the faith that a solution can be found for the future of your family

Part A: personal information

Family name:

First name:



Country of Residency:

If you own a Business or have owned a Business in the last 5 years, please fill-in the form below. If not, please skip to part C.

Part B: business ownership

Start date:

End date:

Share %:


If you do not own a Business but have a least 2 years of Management Experience

Part C: management experience



Please list your net assets and their value based on your best estimation

Part D: assets estimation


Main property:

Other real-estate:

Bank balance:

Company's equity:

Stock market:

Others (please describe and value):


Massimiliano (Max) Donzella , Director of VIP Business Immigration Immigration Consultant Canada - ICCRC Consultants ID R409959 ( Federal Regulator) Certified Quebec Authorized Immigration Consultant 11061

Requirements for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa for 2016- 2017- 2018 . Canada Investor Visa form and application form for Quebec Immigrant Investor visa Consultant - Lawyers Expert on the Canada Investor Visa program in 2016 - 2017- 2018 . Expert on Quota system and Management of 570 Quotas available in 2016 2017. London Office Expert for the Quebec Investor Visa program that allows UK residents and Citizens to Move to Canada as Investors in about 24 months if they qualify . Best solution for Business People, Directors of companies with a High Net Worth in order to move to Canada before and post Brexit .